Student opportunities

This is a working list of awards and competitions for students and recent graduates. Last updated 2021-09-28.

Paper competitions

Many organizations and societies have annual paper competitions. Winners typically present the papers at the subsequent conferences. Awards often include travel cost.

Poster and presentation awards

Travel awards

If you are short on funding for travel, consider applying for one of the travel awards listed below. To be eligible, you must be a member of the funding organization but student memberships are usually cheap. For example, IMS student membership is free and annual ASA student membership is USD 25.

  • IMS Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award: Deadline is February 1. Award amount is between USD 400 and USD 1000 per person. Open to Masters and PhD students. Travel to any IMS sponsored meetings, which includes JSM and ENAR.
  • ASA Student and Early Career Travel Fund: Deadline is at least three months before the conference start date. Open to undergraduate and graduate student enrolled in statistics or data science program. Travel to any ASA sponsored meetings.
  • CWS Travel Awards: Deadline varies. Open to early career professionals and PhD students in statistics or a related field. Travel to JSM.
  • SPC Travel Scholarships: Deadline is September 30. Open to PhD students and postdocs. Travel to Society for Epidemiologic Research Annual Meeting.


  • Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship: Deadline is February 23. Open to women PhD and Masters students who are citizens or permanent residents of US or Canada. Award amount is USD 1000.